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ongoing exploration of space.

Through out my architecture studies I often tried to experiment with space in different medium, beyond the conventional tools of the discipline. Sound is mostly approached in a technical way without exploring it as an important component of making space. Architecture is as well filled with noises that are usually not considered musical at all, from materials’ reflections to the sound of the process of producing architecture. Being a young practitioner in this field, I often feel that the process of designing falls very often into a flat aesthetic filled with rational explanations that coordinate actions towards the production for the market. But at the same time, these landscape of datas, signs and protocols, could be of interest to explore as the prima materia for a different kind of purpose. Therefore I find it interesting to find ways of translating one another in their own language. Both are filled with inputs that could be used to experiment in compositions deriving from this translation from architecture to sound and the other way around, and as well mixing both of them to test new experiences of

space at a moment on time. 

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